Five legal ways to reduce your tax burden and pay little in tax.

Three things on Earth are certain; Death, Taxes, and quality services by Bizsewa. In this article, we will focus on the second one; Taxes. Tax is probably a word everyone fears and hates. Taxes are the main sources of income for any government. All the developments, and services to citizens, are possible from the money […]

Starting an Education Consultancy Business? You MUST know these 10 things.

You are about to enter an attractive and growing market. If you plan and manage your business well, your education consultancy can start making good money in a matter of a few months. Unlike many other businesses that require years of operations and tons of investment to get decent returns, education agents and consultancies can […]

eCommerce business in Nepal, is it worth it?

What is eCommerce? Simpy, eCommerce means commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. This means buying and selling things over the internet and carrying the transactions for those sales and purchase over the internet as well. eCommerce simply means doings purchase or sastuffs over the internet. What is the current scenario of eCommerce business in […]

How to pass ACCA papers in the first attempt

If you’re interested in accounting, you’re no doubt interested in having the letters ACCA on your CV. The road to attaining them can be lengthy, but one that is worth the journey. The minimum amount of time required to pass the ACCA exams – excluding the required work experience – is three years. But as […]

The Accounting Process for New Businesses: A Simple Recording of Transactions

The elements of an accounting system are designed to control the financial transactions of your company and will change as the organization changes. For any system to be useful, it must be simple and easy to use. The basics of this system are simple and can be accomplished in a few minutes each day. Let’s […]

An Introduction to Accounting and the major components of Financial Statements

Accounting: An Introduction Accounting is a language of numbers. The process of accounting attempts to explain each business transaction using a common measurement – Rupees. When you put a rupee value on each transaction, you can compare diverse business activities such as advertising, banking and inventory purchases. This gives you information about what happened in […]

ACCA And CA ANZ Agree Landmark Strategic Alliance

TUESDAY 28 June 2016 | ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and CA ANZ, the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, have today announced a strategic Alliance which will add value to members locally and globally. The Alliance brings together the resources of the largest global professional accountancy body with one of the world’s pre-eminent […]

Where to work as a finance graduate

Since the economic crisis of 2008, banks around the world have been loaded by rules and regulations, while controversies attracting negative exposure have tagged investment banking as a not-so-smart career decision. But in 2014, multiple finance students have started working at an investment banking divisions at the Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs offices. According to […]

Chartered Accountancy in Nepal FAQs (Everything you need to know about CA course in Nepal)

Here are some of the popular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Chartered Accountancy in Nepal Probably there is no University in the world that regulates Chartered Accountancy education. For CA education, every country has its autonomous body established under the Act of Parliament. Few examples are Chartered Accountancy in Nepal is regulated by The Institute […]

Career and future prospects of Finance graduates in Nepal

If you want a career in financing, you have to get a college degree. To be more specific, you have to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in maths, business, statistics, or economics. The most popular degrees in Nepal related to finance are BBA, BA (Economics), BBS. Since you will be dealing with numbers and using […]