All about EXIM Code Registration procedures after Exim code login and renewal of the code.

Traders (both exporters/importers) need to obtain an EXIM Code before pursuing a trade. The EXIM Code is issued by the Department of Customs. In order to obtain the EXIM Code, you will need to submit the following documents to the online portal at the Department of Customs website.

Exim Code Login (Exim Portal Nepal):

All documents must be scanned properly and submitted in the EXIM Portal on the Department of Customs website at: and a physical copy must be mailed/submitted to the Department of Customs. The applicant also needs to provide a Bank Guarantee of NRS 300,000 issued by A class commercial Bank. Normally, the code will be issued within one week after the complete submission of the application.

Here are the summarized procedures of EXIM code registration in Nepal.

The 13 letter within the EXIM Code represents the registered PAN number (9 letters) of the firm, 01/02 respectively represents a single ownership (01) or a partnership firm (02), and a special 2-digit unique number is software generated. NP at the end of an EXIM Code represents Nepal.

To illustrate how an EXIM Code is created, let’s look at this example.

Let’s assume HamroRamro Enterprises has an EXIM Code 1234567890147NP

123456789 represent the PAN number of HamroRamro Enterprises

01 represent its single ownership

47 is a software generated unique number

NP represent Nepal

The EXIM Code remains the same for a company throughout its existence, however, due to unpaid taxes, cancellation requests, and Bank Guarantee cancellation; EXIM Code can be cancelled by the Department of Customs but upon request, it can be reinstated with clearance of taxes or any other required documents are submitted. EXIM Code requires annual renewal and an extension of the Bank Guarantee certificate is mandatory.

EXIM Code Certificate Sample

All about EXIM Code Renewal procedures

Summary of EXIM Code Renewal process with Fees and Fine (FY 2079/80) 

The customs department has implemented an automatic export-import code number system and has enabled Exim code renewal online. The renewal fees can also be paid online through ConnectIPS. However, one has to physically visit the customs department or customs office to submit the voucher, bank guarantee, tax payment certificate, and all other documents already uploaded in the Online system. Strange! But that is how things work at government offices.

Any Organization or institution, whether manufacturing or trading, engaged in the Export or Import of any goods or services has to obtain the EXIM code. Traders or Industries with EXIM code must renew the code before the start of the New Fiscal year. If you fail to renew the code, you should pay a penalty and renew it. The code can be renewed until 5 years from the date of renewal dues. After 5 years, the code gets canceled automatically, and you shall apply again to register the EXIM code.

If you are looking for how to renew Exim code in Nepal, Here is the detailed procedure to Renew EXIM Code:

1. Go to EXIM portal (Exim Code renewal Login) :

2. Login to Access EXIM Portal;

username: Type U and then enter your EXIM Code (U6066…….NP)

password: Enter the password, you have kept or enter your EXIM code (U6066…….NP) as Password

If you are login for the first time, please change the EXIM Portal Password

3. Click on Renew Exim Code, Fill the following fields

4. After you submit the documents, you can pay the renewal fees and fine from the dashboard. The portal will provide two methods of payment. If you select “Bank Payment”, you will get bank details, you need to pay at the bank and submit the payment voucher and if you select “Online Payment” option, you will be redirected to ConnectIPS where you can make an online payment.

5. Once you submit all the details and documents and make payment, a submission number would be generated.

6. Submit the documents for verification and renewal at Customs Department

EXIM code Renewal Fee (2079/80)

For Fiscal Year 2078/079: NRS. 1000 ( NRS One Thousand Only)

EXIM code Fine (2079/80):

EXIM Code fine calculation manual
Fine calculation on Exim code renewal.

If you are still confused or want some helping hands for EXIM code registration or renewal, we are right here

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