Yearly tax rate for various vehicles in Nepal for the FY 2077-78. Highlights of Tax rate of Motorcycle, Car, Electric vehicle and Van.

The motorcycle tax rate in Nepal (Bike Tax Rate 2077/78)

CCTax Amount
Up to 125 ccNPR 2,800
126 cc – 160 ccNPR 4,500
161 cc – 250 ccNPR 5,500
251 cc – 400 ccNPR 9,000
401 cc – 650 ccNPR 20,000
Above 651 ccNPR 30,000
Table showing various Tax rates for motorcycles of different CC

Tax rates for Electric Vehicles in Nepal (EV tax rate 2077/78)

CCTax Amount
350 Watt to 1000 WattNPR 1500
1001 watt to 1500 wattNPR 2000
1501 watt and higherNPR 3000
Table showing TAX rates for electric vehicles of various watt powers.

TAX rates for Car, Jeep, Van, and MicroBus

CCTax Amount
Up to 1000 ccNPR 21,000
1001 cc – 1500 ccNPR 23,500
1501 cc – 2000 ccNPR 25,500
2001 cc – 2500 ccNPR 35,500
2501 cc – 2900 ccNPR 41,000
Above 2901 ccNPR 58,500
Table showing tax rates for Car, Jeep, Van, and MicroBus

Procedures to renew bluebook (vehicle ownership certificate/book) by paying vehicle tax in (updated 2077/78)

  • First, you have to visit the listed transport department to Pay Vehicle Tax. Make sure you have a copy of your 3rd party Insurance or Full Insurance of the bike/car which dates are not expired. If the date is expired, you have to renew your insurance before paying the taxes. After submitting the payment vouchers and insurance papers, officers will renew your bluebook.
  • Check above the Tax rates of the vehicle in Nepal for payment which you need to pay while renewal of your bluebook.

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