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How BizSewa can help you?

  • Undertake all initial compliance requirements for newly formed and established company
  • Register your company in Nepal almost 78% quicker than industry standard.
  • We assign a dedicated professional for your task/project.
  • Draft applicable documents required for registration and other purposes for your business.
  • Register your company as an Industry at the Department of Industry.
  • Make sure you understand all the aspects of forming a company.
  • Establish your Board and its guidelines of Operations.
  • Help you to register your company at tax office and other departments of Nepal.

We are different

We help you run your company smoothly by undertaking the legal and other aspects. We help you in document preparation, proxy services, company updates, submissions and all other services.

Timely Service

We start your project instantly after having a service agreement. Each project gets a dedicated team of qualified professionals to ensure the completion in time.

Attention to Details

Every letters and words of the documents we prepare go through a series of inspection. All the details are prepared from scratch with great attention.

Best Priced

We believe that quality service should not be expensive. Our fess are best and cheapest among others. We are startups and SMEs friendly firm with best pricing.

Companies that we assist to Register in Nepal

  • Hotel and Resort
  • Language Institute
  • Technical School
  • Auto Servicing and Recondition
  • Child Care Center
  • Furniture and Interiors
  • Travel Agency
  • Multipurpose Training Institute
  • Business Consultancy
  • Food and Food Processing
  • School/ College
  • Investment Company
  • Media
  • Agricultural Farm
  • Trading Business
  • Remittance
  • Human Resource Company
  • NGO & Industry
  • Money Exchange
  • News Portals
  • SaaS / HaaS / PaaS
  • Job Agency

In addition, we undertake all registrations of these companies in the relevant government departments or agencies and assist you in obtaining the permits and licenses to operate your industry as per the laws of Nepal.

Other Company Related Services

  • Change Company Name
  • Change Address of Company
  • Buy/ Sell Company Shares
  • Add Shareholder
  • Remove Shareholder
  • Change Ownership of Company
  • Issue Shares
  • Add Objectives (Uddhesya)
  • Company Closure
  • Initial Updates of Company

Timeline of Company Registration process of Nepal

Step by Step guide

First Step

Reserve Company name

Prepare all the required documents for registering a company. We will  prepare the documents as your business purpose and requirements.

First Step

2nd Step

Prepare all required documents

Prepare all the required documents for registering a company. We will  prepare the documents as your business purpose and requirements.

2nd Step

3rd Step

Upload the documents

Upload the scanned copy of the signed documents to the user’s area of the OCR’s website.

3rd Step

4th Step

Submit the documents to OCR

Submit two copies of verified documents to the Company Registrar office and pay the government fees according to your authorized capital

4th Step

5th Step

Receive the Certificate and other docs.

After paying all the government taxes, you will receive Certificate of company incorporation along with other documents. A letter to TAX office and a letter with reserved PAN number will also be provided.

5th Step

6th step

Get PAN/VAT certificate from TAX office

Create a copy of all the documents you receive from OCR and submit the stamped copy of those docs along with rent agreement and PAN registration/application form to the TAX office of your company’s location. Receive the PAN / VAT certificate.

6th step


After registering the company at Company Registration Office (OCR, Nepal) , the company has a number of obligations that must be met. A private company is obligated to many rules and regulations after registration. If not met, huge penalties are charged.


Company Registration Related FAQS

Most frequent questions and answers related to company registration. Please read the questions and answers carefully to know the basics before seeking consultation.

Multipurpose company is an entity established to run businesses of different natures and industries. Company have objectives of diverse nature if they wish to establish a multipurpose business. You simply need to add MULTIPURPOSE / MULTI BUSINESS / MULTI TRADE  in the name of your company while registering. Other companies can have objectives of related nature only.

A company is a separate legal entity with own responsibilities and obligations. While Industry is a setup established to manufacture or create a product. There are many benefits of registering a company over firm which is discussed in this page: Benefits of Registering a Company

Yes, you can register company if you are familiar with legal and other stuffs related to the registration. However, we suggest consulting a lawyer/consultant so that you can have a sound and legally powerful documents.

One can have as many companies as they wish and can have partnership in any number of companies.

Company registration is not final. You have to register your business with respective boards/ divisions of government to carry out the operations. After you register a company , you need to apply to the divisions of government which regulates the operations. For example, if you wish to start a media company, you should register at Press Council Nepal and Department of Information and Technology.

You need to have a license for tendering in government and other projects. One can start with “D” class license (GHA barga). After registering company, you can apply for construction license. We can assist you in that as well.

You need to mention the address where you intend to establish a company. For company registration process, you don’t need a rent agreement but should mention the ward number where your office shall be located. However, while registering VAT/PAN at IRD, you will require a rent agreement.

If you keep the office at your own house, you should create an rent agreement betwnn the landlord (you) and company (you or any Shareholder on belhalf of company) because privite limited company is a separate legal entity.

Other Services We Offer

Book keeping

Market Planning

Sales Strategy

Information Technology


HR Management

If you need assistance in registering/managing a new business in Nepal , we are always there for you. We will apply, prepare, upload, submit and followup your documents on your behalf. Also, you will get FREE consultation about the details to include in your documents so that you can have the strongest documents to backup your business.

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