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How to Start an Education Consultancy Business in Nepal

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Education Consultancy is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nepal. Investment in the Education Consultancy sector is considered relatively safe due to the ever-increasing demand. The growth rate of students wanting to study abroad has attracted lots of entrepreneurs to operate and invest in the Education Consultancy Industry. So you might be one of them who one to start an education consultancy in Nepal. Here we are explaining the processes of registering education consultancy and obtaining all the required licenses required to run an education consultancy.

So what do you need to start an education consultancy in Nepal? What are the procedures for getting a license to operate consulting, document preparation, visa processing service and other counselling activities?

Here are all the details you need to know for starting an education consultancy company in Nepal and getting all the necessary approvals and licenses to operate legally. You need to obtain a license from the department of education at your provincial headquarter (Hetauda for Bagmati Provence for example). 

First, you need to register a company if you don’t have one already. After registering a company, getting PAN/ VAT certificate and opening a bank account, you need to apply for the license. (Education consultancy company registration process)

Here is the list of requirements for applying to obtain a license for starting an education consultancy.

Requirements to apply for education consultancy licence from Ministry of Social Development

(Documents required for applying to get license to operate education consultancy)

Source: MOSD Hetauda (Downloaded on 9/17/2022)

If you need assistance in registering/managing en education consultancy in Nepal , we are always there for you. We will apply, prepare, upload, submit and followup your documents on your behalf. Also, you will get FREE consultation about the details to include in your documents so that you can have the strongest documents to backup your business. Our deep understanding of the education industry and its regulations will be an added asset for your business. Apart from legal and statutory stuffs, we also provide SEO , college promotion, digital marketing, formulation of course/classes strategies, marketing campaigns and other business and operation related activities to education consultancy business.

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