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Register Information Technology (IT) company / Tech Startup in Nepal

Table of Contents

How to start an IT company in Nepal?

  1. Register at OCR
  2. Get a PAN certificate from IRD
  3. Register your company at the Ward office
  4. Open a Bank account

Things to Consider Registering a Tech Company

Just because you can start an IT company, doesn’t mean you should. If you are just looking to try out, you can start with a business PAN (By registering a Firm) or freelancing. However, if you wish to grow your business, have a team of developers/designers, and carry out multiple processes, you should register an IT company.

Running a company is somewhat risky for newbies or someone who hasn’t been involved in managerial roles previously. Running a company requires specific skills and a lot of hard work. If you are aware of the risks, then starting a company is a great idea. Most IT entrepreneurs realize their mistakes too late. There is some degree of management skill needed to run a company, as you may not or could not hire a manager to smooth out things. Because most IT companies fail (like most of the other startups), you might be wary about the idea of starting your own IT company. However, with good planning, implementation and proper management, you can run a successful IT business and scale it easily.

To start an Information Technology company, you need to register a company at OCR Nepal. In the Article of Association, you need to specify clearly the objectives related to the IT company.

What do IT and Tech companies generally do?

A few of the objectives that can be included are (not exclusive):

  • Web Development Agency
  • Software Design and Development (web app, mobile app, Software, tools)
  • Graphics design
  • Network installation and Maintainance
  • Sales and Purchase of hardware and software.
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • IT consultation
  • Training and classes related to Information Technology
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring
  • Software as a Service (SAAS), Hardware as a service (HAAS)

These are the general objectives of a typical IT company. However, if you have any other unique objectives you can always include them in the AOA. There is no special requirement to register an IT company in Nepal. Any Nepali citizen with a valid Identity card (government-issued) can register and start an Information Tecnology business. Refer to this article to get insights about the processes and fees involved in registering a private limited company:

Starting a Tech startup

Starting a tech startup involves creating a new business that offers a technology-based product or service. This typically involves identifying a problem or need in the market and developing a solution that can be delivered through technology. To start a tech startup, you will need to have a strong understanding of the technology involved, as well as knowledge of the market and how to run a business. Some key steps to starting a tech startup include:

  • Develop a business plan: This should include a clear description of the problem you are solving, your target market, and your proposed solution.
  • Create a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP): This is a working version of your product that you can use to test and validate your idea.
  • Conduct market research: This will help you understand the potential demand for your product and identify potential competitors.
  • Secure funding: You may need to raise capital to finance the development and launch of your product. This can be done through venture capital, angel investors, or crowdfunding.
  • Build and launch your product: Once you have secured funding, you can begin building your product and preparing for its launch. This may involve hiring a team, developing a marketing plan, and setting up a website and other online presence.
  • Grow and scale your business: After launching your product, you will need to focus on growing and scaling your business. This may involve expanding your product offering, entering new markets, and continuing to innovate and improve your product.

Here are a few additional things you should consider before, during and after launch of your product or service.

  • Have a unique value proposition: Your tech startup should offer something unique and valuable that sets it apart from competitors. This could be an innovative product, a unique business model, or a better customer experience.
  • Understand your target market: It’s important to have a clear understanding of the customers you are targeting with your product. This will help you tailor your product, pricing, and marketing to their needs and preferences.
  • Build a strong team: Starting a tech startup can be a lot of work, and you will need a strong team to help you develop and grow your business. This may include hiring employees, contractors, or consultants with the skills and expertise you need.
  • Stay focused and persistent: Starting a tech startup can be a long and difficult process, and it’s important to stay focused and persistent even when faced with challenges or setbacks. This may require a willingness to learn from your mistakes and make adjustments as needed.
  • Be prepared for change: The tech industry is constantly changing, and successful tech startups are often able to adapt and evolve to meet new challenges and opportunities. Be prepared to pivot or adapt your product or business model as needed to stay ahead of the competition.

How can Bisewa help you start and scale your IT company or Tech Startup?

Starting a tech startup can be challenging, but it can also be an exciting and rewarding venture for those who are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship and wish to create things or help others create things to change the world. With the right information and preparation, you can ensure your success in this business. And the good news is you found Bizsewa. With our support and guidance, you can not only register your company smoothly but also get all the other tools to ensure the successful operation of your business. Bizsewa has helped over a hundred IT companies to get registered and run their business. So, we know all the tits and bits of an Information Technology company and can pass that knowledge to new clients.

If you are willing to start your IT company in Nepal, please feel free to contact us. We will guide you in each step from registration to the operation and management of your company. We have helped hundreds of Information Technology companies register and thrive. You can be the next big awesome thing.

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