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Trademark Registration in Nepal

Registering for a trademark in Nepal is generally not an overly complicated process. Trademark examiners will need to approve your trademark application based on a number of criteria. The process does take time (generally 12 months in Nepal), and, if it is not done correctly, you may have to start over again. Obviously, losing 12 months or more fast-paced economy can mean the difference between success and failure of your business. By working with an experienced trademark attorney, you can maximize your chances of successfully obtaining a trademark in a timely manner. We at BizSewa provide unmatched service regarding trademark and other intellectual property registration.

Procedure for Registering of Local Trademark in Nepal

Following process is required to register a local trademark registration

  1. Submission of Application for Registration of DOI
  2. Preliminary Examination of the Application by DOI
  3. Publication of trademark in the IP Bulletin

Government Fees for registering Trademark in Nepal

1.Application for a registration fee NPR. 1,000
2.Registration FeeNPR. 5,000

BizSwa offers Trademark registration service for the local and foreign trademark in Nepal. If you need trademark registration for your business, feel free to contact us by filling the contact form call us at 9804495818.

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