Full guide on construction company registration in Nepal | Things you need to consider before Engineering Consultancy registration

Construction and Engineering is one of the fastest growing and high paying industries in Nepal. Investment in the construction and engineering sector is considered relatively challenging due to the unclear policies of the government and the hijacking of the market by a few big companies. However, things are getting better with more educated and capable individuals entering this sector. The pace of urbanization and investment in development activities has attracted lots of entrepreneurs to operate and invest in the construction Industry. So you might be one of them who one to start a construction company or engineering agency in Nepal and wondering about the registration process.

What do you need to start a construction company in Nepal? Where should you register a construction company or Engineering consultancy? What are the procedures for getting a license to operate take part in open tenders? What are the different types of licenses in construction?

In this article, we will answer those and other common questions and queries you might have before starting a construction or engineering agency in Nepal.

Steps for starting a construction company or Engineering consultancy in Nepal:

  1. Register a company at OCR (view full process of company registration)
  2. Obtain VAT certificate for Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Note: For a construction company, it is compulsory to be registered in VAT
  3. Registered in your ward office (woda karyalaya).   Note: After registering in OCR and IRD, you need to register in your ward office (same as your office address) by paying a fee of Nrs 10,000 (as of 22/02/2076)
  4. Apply for a licence (D class). It generally takes 30 working days to obtain the licence.

Difference between construction company and Engineering Consultancy | Process to get License for construction company

Construction company generally deals with construction of buildings, infrastructure or any physical structure while engineering consultancy mainly provide engineering related services and expertise to the construction companies and projects. However, by including construction related objectives while registering company, engineering companies can also apply do construction related activities.


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