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How to pass ACCA papers in the first attempt

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If you’re interested in accounting, you’re no doubt interested in having the letters ACCA on your CV. The road to attaining them can be lengthy, but one that is worth the journey.

The minimum amount of time required to pass the ACCA exams – excluding the required work experience – is three years. But as any student will tell you, this duration is likely to extend, depending on how your studies and personal life are balanced. So if you’re considering a choice of ACCA courses, why not get all the facts?

Successful students and current examiners alike would recommend making sure to account for as many learning obstacles as you can ahead of time.

Know your study personality

Are you an early bird or a night owl? The sooner you know the times of day you are able to study most effectively, the better. A recurring theme among strong ACCA students is that they quickly familiarise themselves with the most suitable study schedule. The strongest students consistently dedicate this time to their studies.

Know where you are strongest

…and weakest of course. Many top-performing students mention how they prioritise self-assessment, as well as the completion of pre-exam tasks. This approach further improves their time management and functionality, allowing them to focus on different areas of the ACCA. They develop an aptitudinal self-awareness, as well as their core skills at each stage.

Raise your confidence

By knowing your shortcomings before the actual exam day, you can tackle any potential hurdles. A practical way of doing this is by completing mock papers. This advice is repeated throughout many disciplines, but it applies more than ever for this demanding qualification.

Read articles (on the ACCA website)

Many of these articles are written by examiners, so be sure to keep an eye on the site for strong advice. As a globally-recognised qualification, the course can be demanding; you’ll want to equip yourself with the best information and industry insight.

Come prepared

When you’re using revision classes, do so for clarification on familiar topics rather than for covering an area that you’re completely new to.

Guidance is normally available in seminar-based sessions, as opposed to revision classes. In the latter, students should already be familiar with the subject area, and have completed practice questions.

Always touch base

Be certain to seek guidance from a tutor if you’re facing any problems with studies. The students that go on to succeed are those unafraid of asking for help.

One of the main benefits of online learning is that your questions can be directed easily, and answered swiftly regardless of your location. So it’s easier than ever to keep up to speed with your education.

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