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How to change the name of a private limited company in Nepal

Table of Contents

Procedures to change the company name in Nepal

  1. Pass a resolution to change company name.
  2. Submit the minutes of meeting to OCR
  3. Pay the government charges (25% of the registration rajaswa)
  4. Collect approved papers from OCR (government sealed papers along with letters to various authorities)
  5. Publish notice about name change in national newspaper
  6. Submit the scanned copy of Newspaper notice to OCR
  7. Change names in IRD, bank and other places where your business is registered

Any Company can change their name after completing certain procedures. To change the name of a company in Nepal, the board meeting must pass a resolution to change the name. After the special shareholder’s meeting, you should submit the documents along with the minutes of meetings to the office of company registration (OCR) within one month.

You should upload the documents to the dashboard provided by OCR. After uploading all the required documents, officials of the OCR check and review the documents. Note that if there are any fines or dues, they must be all paid.

During the process, the company shall publish a notice about changing the company name to a national newspaper at least twice. The notice must include the current name, previous name and registration number of the company along with other relevant details.

Sample of notice published in the newspaper regarding the change of the name of company

After the process is complete, OCR provides you with letters about the change of company name. You can provide this letter to other authorities and get other documents rectified/updated as well. Finally, you need to upload the photos of the notice published in Newspaper regarding the name change at your OCR dashboard.

These are the authorities/ institutions where you should notify after successfully changing the name of company:

  1. Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  2. Bank
  3. DOT, DOI, Customs department etc (if Applicable)

Please make sure to apply for the name that is not already registered. Like registering a new company, you need to provide or apply for a unique name while applying for the name-change of a company. You need to change the stamp of company, logo, and letterhead after successfully changing the name of the company. Please make sure to change everything before creating any formal piece of document like bill, official letter or advertisement material.

Some Frequently asked questions about change name of a company

Can I change the name of a company any time?

Yes, you can change the name of a company at any time and as many times as you wish. However, remember to flow all the procedures regarding changing company name outlined above.

Do I need to publish about name change in the newspaper even if I don’t have any loans, transactions or other liabilities?

Yes, it is mandatory to publish about change in company name in National level newspaper and submit it to OCR.

Can I use both old and new name after changing the name of the company?

No. You sound only use new name after changing name. As soon as you change the name, change all the documents; online or offline.

Can I change the name of Public Limited company?

Yes, you can change the name of both Private Limited company and Public Limited company. However, changing name of a public limited company is different to that of changing name of a private limited company.

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