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Due diligence service

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Due diligence is a crucial component of any significant corporate transaction. In this age of complex business and legal structures, due diligence is required to validate financial statements as it is relatively easy to manipulate facts and figures. The goal of the process is to ensure that all stakeholders associated with a financial endeavour have the information they need to assess risk accurately.

BizSewa conducts legal, administrative, Human resources and financial due diligence of businesses of Nepal. Due diligence is the investigation of a target company through an extensive review of documents and interviewing persons with knowledge about the company or the proposed projects. For the buyer of a business or an investor in a significant equity stake in a company, the due diligence investigation will attempt to reveal all material facts and any potential liabilities of the target business or company.

Different type of due diligence services provided by BizSewa:

  1. Financial due diligence
  2. Administrative due diligence
  3. Legal due diligence
  4. Human Resources due diligence
  5. Intellectual Property and Intangible assets due diligence
  6. Strategic fit due diligence

Currently, our due diligence service is limited to Nepalese businesses only.

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