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Document Checklist for Company, PAN, and Ward Registration in Nepal

BizSewa provides an easy way to register your company. To get started, you need to provide the name and address of your company, as well as the citizenship certificate of all shareholders. Once we receive this information, we will prepare the necessary documents, including prabandhapatra and niyamawali, and send them to you for signing. After you have signed the documents and sent them back to us, we will register your company on your behalf.

Procedure and documents required

    1. You need to submit name, address of company and citizenship certificate of shareholders.
    2. We will prepare documents (prabandhapatra and niyamawali) and send them to you.
    3. You need to sign those documents and send back to us.
    4. We will register your company on your behalf after receiving documents.

After successful registration of a company, you need to register at tax office and ward office.

Extra documents required for PAN/VAT registration and ward office registration

    1. Rent Agreement
    2. Citizenship of landlord
    3. One Address proof (electriity bill / telephone bill/ lalpurja/ tiro tireko rasid)

BizSewa pricing for business registration

Company registration: Rs. 7,000 (Rs. 8000 for multiple shareholders)

Company, PAN, and Ward registration: Rs. 10,000

Government fees (rajaswa)

Rajaswa at OCR for company registration: (2080/81 Update: You don’t need to pay government fees to register a company)

    • 0-1 lakh: 1000

    • 1-5 lakhs: 5000

    • 5-25 lakhs: 9500

    • 25-100 lakhs: 16000

    • 1 crore+ : 16000+ 3000/crore

Fees at ward office:

    • 10% of rent

    • Biz registration fee depends on your nature of business and location (for most businesses:  5000-10,000/year)

Please be advised that you (one of the shareholders) only need to visit tax office for PAN registration. You don’t need to visit any other government offices in person.

    • It takes around 5 days to register your company and another 1 day to register PAN and ward office.

    • Please send the documents (Name, Address of company and Citizenships) at or whatsapp: 9804495818.

    • Payment Terms: 50% advance and 50% after completion of task.

Also note that we provide post registration services, yearly update and renewal services, accounting , financial statements, business plans and more. We are one stop solution for business registrar and management.

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