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Career and job prospects Accountancy in Nepal

Career and job prospects Accountancy in Nepal

Accounting has been one of the most sell-able and important field for ages and the scope and necessity of this field will be growing for the foreseeable future. There are a lot of different careers options and paths in the accountancy field. It ranges from general bookkeeping, internal auditing, preparing taxes and reports to the most senior positions like financial directors and chief accountants. And as in every other field, with the increase in experiences and qualifications accountants reach position of financial officer or financial analyst or finance directors in private and public sectors. As the position title goes higher salaries and reputation also increase in a great extent. In order to achieve these positions and professional designations, you need to get a good accountancy degree, professional degree and lot of hard work and dedications. Accounting is a field which requires many qualities along with academic or professional degrees such as logic, analysis power, and ability to play with numbers, ability to work in deadlines, foresight and integrity.

Being a CA or Accounting graduate is a stepping stone to an accountancy career. With a CA certificate or any other professional Accounting certificate like ACCA and CIMA, you are probably likely to get the position of chief accountant or finance manager in private sector organizations of Nepal. Chief accountants are in charge of supervising the accounting system of the business. They check that the business follows tax laws to maintain its legality and they are also responsible in preparing the business’ financial statements and prepare (or verify) other statutory reports like tax returns, bank reconciliation statements, stock valuation reports etc. With bachelors or master’s degree in Accounting or business studies (BBS/MBA/MA} you are likely to get a senior accountant position in organizations (industries/banks/private companies) Nepal with few years of experience. Without experience you might start from a mid-level position if you do not have any professional degree.

Aside from the tasks mentioned earlier, Accountants also take charge in budgeting and financial planning. Businesses, big or small, need accountants. However, in the case of very small businesses, owners can do the accounting tasks since they do not yet involve any complex calculations. Bigger or larger scale businesses need accounting personnel to handle all the accounting works and TAX related works. As the business expands, it needs to hire additional employees for the accounting department with different roles. It is also the task of the accountant to determine if the company can afford to hire additional employees in its own department without affecting the growth of profits and to check whether the benefit of hiring new employees in the account department exceeds the cost of hiring them.

Accounting involves a lot of paper work along with calculations and analysis. Professional accountants need to prepare tax returns of businesses which are very much complicated than income tax returns of individuals. The chief accountant of the company is also responsible for setting broad objectives related to finance for the company’s growth and development. Their aim is to gain more profits, keep the costs under control, report management about the status of accounts and budget.

Being a CA, a professional accountant, or a chief accountant are just few of the many careers in accountancy. There are still other careers in Nepal and abroad that you can pursue for as long as you’re a graduate of accountancy. How can you find the right job or career option after getting a qualification in accountancy in Nepal?

You can start by checking on to the internet. With the advancement of technology and wide availability of internet in Nepal, Employers are starting to post the job vacancies in various forums and platforms like website specialized for jobs and careers (eg: merojob, cmsjobs),official Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups and other forums. However, there are not any specialized websites in Nepal that offers job opportunities or provide the vacancy notices in accountancy field only. You can search these sites and find a job opening that you qualify for. Make sure that you send your complete and updated resume to the employer or the employment agency or the websites in which the jobs are listed. If you do qualify for the job, you will be notified either by the email or telephone.

As in every other profession, in choosing among the careers in accountancy, you have to know your strong areas and weak areas. That way, you can choose a career that best suits your capability and interest and help you work out in the weak areas.

Start now and look and look for a career in accountancy while you’re still young. Looking for a part-time job while studying will be great way to gain experience and knowledge side by side. Since accounting involve a lot of technical aspects, working while studying help to boost knowledge as well as application of the knowledge. Exert some effort and time and soon you will have a rewarding career.

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