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Company Registration Compulsory for Outsourcing or Freelancing in Nepal

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has recently unveiled a draft of the Bill on Information Technology and Cybersecurity, shedding light on regulations concerning outsourcing within industrial business operations. According to the proposed provision, both individuals and companies engaging in outsourcing activities are required to register their businesses in accordance with existing laws. Outlined … Read more

Supercharge Your Business in Nepal: 7 Easy Steps for More Customers and Sales

In the bustling world of Nepal’s businesses, getting noticed is crucial. To empower entrepreneurs and small business owners in Nepal, we unveil seven straightforward yet powerful strategies that can elevate your business to new heights. From the simplicity of business cards to the warmth of personalized visuals, these techniques are tailored for local success. Let’s … Read more

Power of Proactive Selling: A Guide to Transforming “No” into Opportunity

In the fast-changing world of sales, it’s really important to understand the differences between proactive and reactive selling. This guide goes deep into proactive selling, showing you ways to turn a bunch of “no’s” into lots of chances. Get ready as we explore the twists and turns of proactive selling, finding out the secrets that … Read more

7 Cost-Effective Publicity Strategies to Boost Your Business in Nepal

Starting a business journey in Nepal may seem challenging, especially if you’re working with a small budget for advertising. But don’t worry! This helpful article is here to share not just one or two but seven great and affordable ways to promote your company in Nepal. These ideas are carefully crafted to make your business … Read more

A Strategic Guide to Effective Online Product Pricing

In the fast-paced digital marketplace, achieving the most competitive rates is a priority for every online entrepreneur. However, the journey to success involves more than just slashing prices. Let’s delve into a comprehensive strategy for optimal product pricing, ensuring a triumphant sales trajectory. Timing is Key: Assessing Seasonal Relevance Before diving into pricing strategies, consider … Read more

Elevating Business Success: The Art of Continuous and Multifaceted Marketing

In the fast-paced world of business, the significance of continuous and strategic marketing cannot be overstated. Many small and home-based business owners often fall prey to the pitfalls of “spot marketing,” a temporary promotional push that lacks consistency. This article explores the imperative nature of ongoing marketing efforts and the multifaceted approach required for success. … Read more

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