About Bizsewa

BizSewa is owned and managed by an experienced team of local and expatriate professionals, dedicated to assisting our clients navigating their way through the complexities of Nepali business environment. We are a market leader in helping both local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Nepal with partnering with best Legal , Accounting, IT and Human Resource management companies.

The local business and legislative environment is complicated and multifaceted and doing business can be time-consuming and complicated, especially when considering language and cultural barriers. To overcome this we established BizSewa to help and guide our clients establish their business operations in Nepal and most importantly enable them to be successful in their business endeavours. 

Our team

Team members of BizSewa

Arjun Bhattarai


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Nabin K Karki


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Sunil Thapa

Company Expert

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Niroj Kandel


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